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Veterans on horses, Saving our American heritage

The Liberty Projects

Saving our American Heritage

One Veteran at a time

One Mustang at a time

For over 20 years the driving force behind The Liberty Projects, JP Hoffman, a service-disabled veteran,
informally tried to help vets where needed, from transitioning to civilian life to getting assistance
with VA benefits applications or facilitating disability ratings status. It started small as friends would call JP about a son or daughter and then through word of mouth the phone calls increased. JP used his contacts in the VA system, American Legion and VFW to try and assist when and where he could.

Veterans and horses trail rides for therapeutic purposes

A close childhood friend of JP’s named Nick, whom he has known since grade school, sadly committed suicide in 2018.


Nick not only joined the military with JP but succeeded beyond all expectations. While in the military Nick attended medical school, then went from enlisted man to OCS (Officer Candidate School) to become an officer and medical doctor.


In 2017 he achieved the rank of Full Bird Colonel. Nick was actually JP’s primary care physician and they spent time together 3 days prior to Nick’s death. This pivotal event sparked the Liberty Projects. JP has seen too much death and suicide with our veterans and was determined to prevent this tragedy from happening when possible.

JP is a Master Farrier with a background in ranching, agriculture, rodeo and horse training. His skills and knowledge led he and family to adopt and train wild mustangs in an effort to help where they could. Ideally, it was to show traditional horsemen and women as well as ranchers that the wild mustang is an extremely valuable asset not be so easily dismissed. JP's family and friends would bring vets to the ranch almost by accident where they seemed to gravitate to the horses. They began the process of integrating these vets with the horses and other animals at their ranch. Working with close friends and experts on holistic healing, JP and his close friend Laura Perry formed “The Liberty Projects”. They assembled the best and brightest in alternative wellness programs, equine training and management and veteran advocates to round out the board.


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