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We are dedicated to empowering our veterans. From simple service solutions like resumes or paperwork help to legal assistance and mental health therapy, we provide the means to be the you that you want to be. We are always striving to make a difference and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

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Sweats for Vets promotes healthy approach to life, Vets and horses

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Many people of unaware that when veterans are medically discharged from active duty they are assigned a disability rating that coincides with the veteran's ability to obtain and maintain employment.  The ratings are from 10% to 100%.  Which could mean a couple of hundred dollars per month to a maximum of around $3000 per month.  One of the inherent problems with this type of system is that when you are young and strong, injuries (physical and/or mental) may not show up for many years or decades. The Dept of Defense through the VA has a path to request an increase in the percentage of disability with a request from the veteran.

This process is handled by a 3rd party medical group. The process includes interviews, reevaluations of medical records, deep dives into personal matters, and takes a long time to complete.  The problem is that most veterans give up long before an increase is granted and most claims on the initial application are denied.

What we do:

  • We assist in the preparation of all paperwork and documentation. This is done with our team at Shiloh Ranch. Our staff volunteers who are veterans and actually retired from the VA work with the individuals to ensure all paperwork and background information is complete and organized in a manner that ensures the most timely responses back from the Government.

  • We role-play the various scenarios that can play out during the interview process, which seem to be designed to make a veteran either give up on the process or get them flustered.  This is customized for each case.


While no one other than the veteran is allowed in the appointment. We actually transport the veteran to the appointment, wait in the lobby and then after the appointment, we encourage them to stay at the ranch for a day or two afterward as re-living traumatic events tend to stick around for minute. We find the ranch is a great way to ease the mind.

BRAINPAINT (Neurofeedback)

While a neurofeedback program can be an effective tool for anyone we exclusively offer at no charge a complete program for veterans. The program takes between 45 and 60 sessions to effectively complete.

For additional information:


  • We at the Liberty Projects have a Neurofeedback system and have 2 trained technicians. 

  • The Brainpaint system has shown to be as or more effective than sessions with trained counselors in addressing the severety of PSTD symptons.  The primary benefit is that the participant does not have to talk or re-live traumatic events, all while receiving the benefits of a full counseling session.

  • The brainpaint sessions are all performed at the ranch in a private office.


Do you want to learn about career opportunities in the Equine, Ranching and/or Farming industries and associated trades? Our dedicated staff can work with you to map out your career path. We can help you apply your earned benefits toward training and schools that will further your education. Whether our veterans are experienced horsemen or beginners we can help turn those desires into practice with marketable skills.

  • There is no doubt that horses are very similar to humans. We both form bonds, we maintain family units, and we are sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. Equine therapy has helped veterans for over a decade, and we believe in it too. Some veterans may even prefer to work with horses over humans. Sometimes we don't blame them. We offer multiple paths to achieving knowledge in working with horses. Whether for personal enjoyment and trail riding to more advanced work such as horse training and/or learning how to: shoe horses, team rope, team pen, showing, reigning etc. For our beginners we start with learning horse anatomy, to riding properly and with confidence, proper use of equipment, care etc.

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