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Our Wild Mustang efforts start with being pro-active in understanding current conditions. For example, the latest round-up information and numbers of when and where the horses will be housed in the “Off-Range-Holding Facilities”. We are connected with many groups that actively lobby on behalf of these American Icons. Our hands-on approach includes personal selection of the mustangs for specific traits and characteristics that will provide the ideal mustang once training is applies. Shiloh Ranch personnel transport the horses to ensure safe travel to our ranches.


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The entire focus of wild mustang work at The Liberty Projects is to save them from an undesirable fate at the hands of greedy, unscrupulous people and provide them an opportunity at a rewarding life of service and peace.

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Each year the BLM rounds up thousands of wild mustangs. BLM is not equipped to house this many horses on range, so they are transported off-range holding facilities. To reduce the number of horses held, BLM has kept the price of adoption and procurement low which seems like a great idea in theory because you removed the cost barrier for entry into the horse ownership realm, but this leaves an opening for the criminal element.

Many times these wild mustangs are sold to shell companies, who trade to other shells and before you know it the animal have disappeared. These horses are shipped to Mexico or Canada for slaughter or simply slaughtered in small facilities here in the USA.

We are gaining traction with large ranch owners to rotate the wild herds on privately owned ranches and pay for foliage remediation and forage. This is one solution that pays existing ranchers, keeps the horses alive and in family units for a cheaper price than the current approach.

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Horses want to work, they need a purpose. If you take purpose away from a horse it loses the will and spirit that make it so special. At The Liberty Projects we believe there is a quality job out there for every horse, from honor guard, border patrol, mounted police service, ranch work, pleasure, trail or back-yard pet. 


We will work with each horse to ensure it has the skills needed to be happy and helpful in their new service position. Select veterans are also given the opportunity to help train these mustangs and prepare them for work with people.

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