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We really need your help

There is a wide-spread misconception that Wild Horses and espcially Veterans have all the funding options available for them. This is untrue and a little research will prove this point.


We here at Liberty Projects are in a bit of crisis to raise the money for our next group of Veterans and Mustangs Program Rotation.  The Rotation is committed and we do not want to cancel the session. It is set to begin at Shiloh Ranch on February 3rd for 60 consecutive days.


Immersive Program to End Veteran Suicide while concurrently training and re-homing our Wild Mustangs


  • This rotation currently has 18 Veterans and Wild Mustangs.

  • Includes all tools and equipment

  • The All-IN cost for the  rotation: $15,575 per veteran this program is roughly than ½ of any similar programs which run at $31,000 per veteran

  • Includes fees for ranch rental/ staff/ horses tack and feed


  • 18 Veterans Program Completion: $280,350.00

NO AMOUNT TOO SMALL THANKS AGAIN and Merry Christmas to you and your Loved Ones.


Respectfully Submitted,

JP Hoffman


Various Option for Donation Below:

Call me Direct: For additional ways to give 702-854-0773

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